Monday, June 29, 2009

New Project: The DiAsio Bathroom Remodel

We are at the beginning stages of an exciting new project! The DiAsio's, for whom we have refaced a kitchen, have decided to bring us back to remodel their two bathrooms. The cabinetry will match the style of the kitchen; a Cordovan Maple Shaker style, with long stainless steel bar handles.

The guest bath will have two counters, frosted glass over a cordovan maple counter. It will also have a sleek glass vessel that will rise above the glass counter.
The master bath will have a beautiful granite counter and two white porcelain lavatories.
The cabinets in both bathrooms will be floating! We will cut off the toekick, or bottom of the cabinet, and mount them to the wall so that they are not touching the floor!

The template went out today for the fabrication of the glass counter, and we are looking forward to starting the project soon!

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