Friday, June 5, 2009

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing is a means of updating your cabinetry, without braking the bank. It is usually 50-60% of the cost of new cabinets, not to mention you can keep your existing countertop. You will have no flooring modifications or replacement, little-to-no drywall work, and only minor touch-up painting. It can be done around your current appliances, or you can accentuate your new kitchen with new appliances. The process is simple: remove all drawers and doors, veneer the cabinets, and install new moldings, drawers, and doors. No old hardware (hinges & drawer glides) should be used. 

The Veneer is the most sensitive part of a Cabinet Reface. Done correctly, this will last a lifetime. Done poorly, you will be lucky to get one good year. The surface of the cabinets, whether framed or frameless, MUST be sanded through all finish, stain, glue, or grease that may be present. The removal of all foreign material is essential for the next steps. Quarter inch plywoods are applied to the exposed sides and bottoms, then trimmed flush with the front. Then a water-borne contact adhesive is applied to the cabinet fronts. The veneer is backed with a pressure sensitive adhesive and, when it comes into contact with the cabinet, it will create a permanent bond. 

This Process can change the look of your cabinets in many ways. Small changes to the layout can be acheived. You can upgrade from oak to maple, cherry, or any other wood of your choice. You can modify the style of door and drawer front. You can also change the color to one of your preference. All of this can be done because the cabinets will be wrapped with new, real wood veneers; new doors, matched to the same color, will be installed.

While Refacing is a great method for updating your cabinets, you could also replace or refinish your cabinets. Replacing is the most expensive method, but you get brand new cabinets. Refinishing has the lowest price tag, but also the most limitations. Please read our other blogs to learn more!

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